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Halo there~! I just wanted to type thank you very much for watching my drawings, yar guys~! I really appreciate it~
And one more thing.... Please don't steal my arts.... My arts are not that awesum.... TT v TT If I know that someone steals my art, Im gonna smack their asses.... Just like this.... PAP! PAP! PAP! MOWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA~! xDD Just kidding(no seriously... I'm serious...)~




Ermmm.... Okzz.... This is my first time writing this silly fiction.... TT v TT I'm very sorry for the grammar errors and many more.... T___T English is not my first language..... ^^" I hope you guys enjoy this silly thingy~! xD


One day, in the evening, you and your boyfriend go on a pizza place to eat some pizza of course..

Done with the ordering pizza, you two take a seat... You sitting infront of him, he sitting infront of you... Looking at each other and looking away (cuz of shyness?? xD) just like this....

After couples of minutes, the pizza has arrived~ wooohooo~ The waiter of the pizza put the pizza and two soft drinks on the table gently and smile warmly at both of you... Both of you smile back at him.... Then he snap his finger and wink at you guys....

And happily say, "Enjoy your meal both of you~". He then go to his place continue his work. You guys look at the pizza, oh the smell of the aroma... So many cheese... Both of you almost drool by looking at the pizza~ Hahaha~ And you guys look at each other again (xD) ....

Your boyfriend say, "Let's dig in!". He take one slice of the pizza and eat it. He didn't give a damn of the pizza's hotness~ xD 

You chuckled watching how your boyfriend eats. You joined him as well, take a slice of the pizza slowly and eat it slowly. The pizza is too cheezy, you almost stretch the cheezy pizza into the air and finally cut off by itself. Hahahaha~ Your boyfriend just watching your almost chlidish attitude. You both chuckled~ Hahahahaha~

There's a long amount of the cheese until it reached the table, because it is too long and you're bit lazy to take and put it in your mouth by your hand, you try to slirp it. You know that the cheese didn't even move, so you put the cheese inside your mouth lazily with your right hand..... You were like... 

You 'omnomnoming'~ Then, you stare at your boyfriend and you saw there's also amount of cheese at his mouth. You giggled. He noticed that you giggled at him, he too saw an amount of the cheese. Your boyfriend stare at you and he smirked, you didn't notice that cuz you're still giggling~ xD He has something in his mind... He then clear his throat to make you pay attention to him, and he did. You stare back at him as he lick his lips seductively while starring at you like this...

Your eyes got wide and almost popped out like this...

(well.... that's already popped out....! BAHAHAHAA~!!! xD)

And your face started to heat up.... Blushing as you saw what he did. And you were like...

"Hnnnggg! Can't you just eat it properly??". You asked him almost shouting but you managed to keep it cool and still with your blushing red face. Your boyfriend started to giggled at you cutely, like this....

(omoo! that's cute~! he has cat ears and whiskers all of a sudden! bahahahaha! xD)

You blushed when you heard him giggling that.... Cute... With his big smile on his lips... You stare at your pizza, tried to ignore your cute giggling boyfriend. He then takes a piece of tissue to wipe his.... Wet lips? Hahahaha~

"Hehehehe~ I can eat the pizza and licked my lips however I want to~ I know you liiiiiiike it~~", he said with a cheerful and a bit teasing tone. And his like....

You blushed again, and munching your pizza fast like a squirrel eating its nuts.

He just stare at you with a sweet smile. "Hmhm I just love how're you reacted. So cute...", he said with his low tone voice. 
Ok, this time you blush even harder. You smile and started to chuckle. That chuckle of yours turn out to be.... Different...? Like this...

"Ahahahahaa~ Oh really? Hehehe...", "Yeah, really.". He then making some silly faces to make you laugh...

And this....

Then he smiling at you like this.....

And you were like.....

Smiling and blushing to what your boyfriend did. He's trying to make you laugh, instead you just smiled at him. He's making his pouting face...

"Yaaah why didn't you laugh?", he said, still with his pouting face. Then, you stare at him like....

"Oh, you want me to laugh? Ahahaha I just feel like smiling at you...", you said while making your dunno-what-should-i-do face.....

Then, he's making a fake cry and sobbing for his omma.....

"Omma.....! My dearest girlfriend didn't enjoy laughing with me.....! Omma, I need you.....!". He said, still with his good faking sobbing... xD

And you were like......

"Hahahahaa~ I'm just playing with you. Don't be that sad.... And don't call your omma.....". You said and let out a little chuckle. After Hearing what you have said, his fake sobbing face turn out to be a goofy smile.....

"Dehehehe~~ I know that you just playing with me, dear~", he said with his goofy smile again. You also wanted to make your boyfriend happy. So, you try to do some cute faces like......

And like........

When you did that kind of faces, your boyfriend look at your face, and he's like.....

"Nyang! Nyang!", he's making a cat voice. And then you were like....

"Oh my God! You looked like a perverted cat!", you said jokingly with a high tone voice and let out a laugh. Your boyfriend let out a laugh too when he heard you laughing....

Now he's happy, you're happy, laughing at each other and you guys almost forgot to continue eating the pizza. Both of you then continue eating the pizza with the happy looking faces.


Vespa-kid's Profile Picture
Amirah binti Zulkifly
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Assalamualaikum~ hi~! hi~! hi~! ^___^
My name's Amirah, nice to meet ya~~
mmmhmmm~~ huuurrr huurrrr~~ xD

I really love to draw, colouring stuffs, listening to musics(especially K-pop musics~ xD) hmmm.... What else.... oh~! I like reading novels as well~ ^____^ aaahhh~! one more thing...... I.... I.... I like vespa...... oh God.... Vespas are sooooo classic and soooo coooool...... and that makes me go MICHIGO~!!! eh I mean.... crazy.... Everytime when I see one.... I was like....
Bwahahahahaaa~! xD yeaaappp~~! that's what my reaction looks like when I saw a vespa passed me~~ xD I hope I can get one....
Besides that, I like to count something~~ xD But.... When I loose my counting, I was like.....
One.... Two.... Three.... errr.... Blueeeekk~~ xDDD
Hahahahaa~! xDD When my friends make a surprise attack at me, I was like....
Ohmahgawd~! I'm soooo scared~! xDD
Welp, I guess that's all I can type about me to y'all~! ^___^ Let's drink some milk~~ :)

wowowoooo~~~ xDDD

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